Rubin Pro 10 Pengeskab (94 L) - Indbrudstest Grade III - Kodelås m. 9 brugerkoder

Rubin Pro 10 (94L) Grade 3.

Rubin Pro are valuable safes that are perfect for storing and protecting your valuables due to their high burglary test in Grade 3, which makes them ideal for insurance requirements.

The safe is produced with high resistance to break-in attempts and is able to withstand mechanical and thermal burglary tools.

The door is provided with a sharp three-way boltwork and strong engagement profiles on the hinge side.

Produced and tested in Germany.

This safe is with electronic code lock. 

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  • Il grado III impedisce l'accesso parziale per 80 minuti e l'accesso completo per 120 minuti

Maggiori informazioni
Nome ProdottoRubin Pro 10 Pengeskab (94 L) - Indbrudstest Grade III - Kodelås m. 9 brugerkoder
ModelloRubin Pro 10 - Kodelås m. 9 brugerkoder
SerieRubin Pro - certificazione antiscasso in Grado 3 per la protezione di beni di alto valore economico. Predisposizione per l’installazione di un sistema di allarme. Fornita con serratura chiave.
ColoreRAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Opzionale)
Tempo di Consegna1-2 settimane
Tipo di cassaforte Cassaforte a mobile
Raccomandata per Oggetti di valore
Peso (kg)340
Certificazione antiscassoGrado III
Normativa di certificazioneEN 1143-1
Centro di certificazione VdS Germania
Cash RatingGRADO III
Resistenza al fuocoNon Coibentato
SerraturaSerratura elettronica
Tipo di serratura LG Combogard 39E 6040 / 5750K
Battery & emergency opening9 V, Batteries can be replaced from the outside
Numero di ripiani1 Ripiano mobile
Volume (litri)94
Capacita´- Raccoglitori7
Capacita' - Raccoglitori sospesi1 row of 28 cm (1 row per shelf. 1 shelf)
Capacita´- Laptops100 Laptops with charging
Altezza - Esteriore (mm)684
Larghezza - Esteriore (mm)604
Profondita´ - Esteriore (mm)500
Profondità esterna - maniglia/serratura incl. (mm)576 
Altezza - Interiore (mm)587 
Larghezza - Interiore (mm)499 
Profondita´ - Interiore (mm)322 
Apertura porta - Altezza (mm)531
Apertura porta - Profondita´ (mm)472
Angolo di apertura della porta180 Gradi - Cerniere Esterne
Catenacci portaCatenacci su tre facciate
Lato cerniereLato destro
Struttura del corpoParete multipla
AncoraggioAl suolo
Tasselli Inclusi1

Rubin Pro 10 (94L). Code lock - Valuable safe with burglary certification in Grade 3.

The Rubin Pro is a valuable safe with high burglary protection in Grade 3 which makes it ideal for insurance requirements.

The safe series is perfect for storing large amounts of cash or items with high value due to its certification level.

You can use the safe for security purposes in your private home, office or retail shop.

Certified Burglary protection in Grade 3

The Rubin Pro is certified in Grade 3, tested according to European Standard EN 1143-1. This ensures protection of your valuables.

The safe is also prepared for the installation of a burglary alarm system. The installation of such an alarm increases the maximum insured value.

Key facts

The Rubin Pro includes certified bolts to install and secure the safe to the floor. The hinges are placed on the external side of the safe body.

Configuration options

The Rubin Pro is supplied in standard Graphite Grey (RAL 7024), but can be purchased in Light Grey (RAL 7035) without any extra charge.

You can order your safe in other colors at an additional charge. Please contact us for options.

Contact us

If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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