Pegasus IV Safe (374 L) - Burglary Test Grade 4

Pegasus is a series of professional strong boxes with an outstanding security level./p>

It has been certified in Grade IV against burglary attempts by ECB-S and VdS,compliant with the European Norm EN 1143-1.

It is the ideal choice if you look for a light safe to protect your valuables, with a low floor load per m2.

These safes can be anchored to the floor for a higher security level.

Available both with key and electronic lock.

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Codice articolo
  • Grade IV prevents burglars from partial access for 120 min and full access for 180 min.

Maggiori informazioni
Nome ProdottoPegasus IV Safe (374 L) - Burglary Test Grade 4
ModelloPegasus IV 375 in Graphite gray (RAL 7024)
SeriePegasus IV: Cassaforte per Armi certificata di grado IV Antieffrazione. Serie di casseforti con un livello di sicurezza eccezionale. Il suo design innovativo è ideale per le situazioni in cui è necessario conservare diverse armi lunghe in ambienti ad alta
ColoreGrigio Grafite (RAL 7024) / Grigio Chiaro (RAL 7035)
Tipo di cassaforte Cassaforte a mobile
Raccomandata per Oggetti di valore
Peso (kg)735
Certificazione antiscassoGrado IV
Normativa di certificazioneEN 1143-1
Centro di certificazione VdS e ECB•S Germania
Cash RatingGRADO IV
Resistenza al fuocoNon Coibentato
Numero di ripiani2 Ripiani mobili
Capacita´- Raccoglitori24
Altezza - Esteriore (mm)1155
Larghezza - Esteriore (mm)780
Profondita´ - Esteriore (mm)650
Profondità esterna - maniglia/serratura incl. (mm)726 
Altezza - Interiore (mm)1.075 
Larghezza - Interiore (mm)700 
Profondita´ - Interiore (mm)497 
Apertura porta - Altezza (mm)1075
Apertura porta - Profondita´ (mm)670
Angolo di apertura della porta180 Gradi - Cerniere Esterne
Catenacci portaDouble-sided flat bolts
Lato cerniereLato destro
Struttura della portaParete multipla in acciaio (125mm)
Struttura del corpoMulti-walled steel and concrete (40mm)
AncoraggioAl suolo
Tasselli Inclusi1

Pegasus IV (374L) - Burglary Tested Safe in Grade IV - Double Key Lock

Pegasus is one of the lightest and safest strong box series on the market. This optimised design makes it the ideal choice for keeping your unique goods safe in situations where you must care about the weight.

Certified in Grade IV by ECB-S and VdS

These safes are burglary tested in Grade IV by ECB-S and VdS (Germany), following the European Standard EN 1143-1. The fulfillment of these strict standards ensures that the safe is able to resist attacks with mechanical and thermal burglary tools.

Key Facts

The door and the walls are really rigid, with 40 mm of thickness, and that door is also reinforced with solid flat bolts in two sides.

Besides, it includes a silver 3-pole-handle (76 mm protruding approx.), and it is equipped with external hinges which allow a 180º door-opening, for a more comfortable disposal and removal of your goods.

The Pegasus includes an emergency locking, which makes the door opening even harder in a break-in attempt, as well as an additional armoring for the lock and the bolt.

Moreover, this strong box series can be easily complemented with a burglary alarm system, which can increase the insurance value.

This safe can be anchored to the floor for an enhanced stability and safety, and it includes certified anchoring material for that purpose.

Lock Options

This Pegasus safe is available with a double key lock, including 4 double-bit security keys (160 mm long), 2 per each lock.

Configuration Options

Extra shelves, drawers. inner safes,etc. are available under request, in order to let you choose the configuration which adapts to your needs in the best way.

The color of the safe can be chosen between graphite grey (RAL 7024) or light grey (RAL 7035).

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If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Customer Questions
Order & Delivery: All you need to know

SafeGear offers you a wide variety of delivery options. We find the best delivery partners and ensure fast and safe delivery. To our services belongs delivery with or without installation and standard or express delivery. The following guideline will give answers to all questions you may have.

Safe locks: All you need to know

Find below the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding security, battery and other concerns of Safe Locks.

Install a safe: How can I bolt the safe myself?

Be aware that there are no wiring or piping in the location you want to install the safe.  

Follow these steps to bolt your safe:

You can easily bolt your safe following 8 simple steps.

1. Place the safe onto its final position.
   2. Mark the spot on the floor or the wall where the bolting holes are located.
   3. Move the safe aside.
   4. Make sure you use the right drill for the material and an appropriately sized drill bit.
   5. Drill holes into the designated marks.
   6. Reposition the safe over the mounting hole.
   7. Insert the bolt through the inside of the safe into the hole.
   8. Tighten up the nut of the bolt.



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