Libra 20 Safe (141 L) - Grado 0 - Serratura a chiave


Libra 50 - (218 L) - Grado 0 - Serratura a chiave

Libra 40 Safe (180 L) - Burglary Test Grade 0 - Key Lock

The Libra 40 Safe is a high-quality safe. The Libra safe is made in a discrete design, that looks great in office spaces or in private homes. Ideal for storage of cash, documents or other valuables that needs secure storage.

The safe is tested according to European standards in Grade 0/N.

Standard delivered with double-bit high-security key lock with two keys (120 mm long). The door consists of multiple solid high-quality steel edging, with multi-wall special door construction (135 mm thick).

The Libra 40 safe can be bolted to the floor for extra security against theft.

Available with either a key lock or a code lock - choose your lock option above the table

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Codice articolo
  • Il grado 0 è la prima classe di certificazione. Più resistente di S1 ​​e S2.

Maggiori informazioni
Nome ProdottoLibra 40 Safe (180 L) - Burglary Test Grade 0 - Key Lock
ModelloLibra 40 - Nøglelås
Tipo di cassaforte Cassaforte a mobile
Raccomandata per Documenti, Medicinali , Oggetti di valore
Tempo di Consegna1-3 giorni lavorativi
ColoreRAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Opzionale). Altri colori (opzionale)
Certificazione antiscassoGrado 0
Normativa di certificazioneEN 1143-1
Centro di certificazione VdS Germania
Cash RatingGRADO 0
SerraturaSerratura a chiave
Tipo di serratura Chiave a doppia mappa (120mm - Format 4)
Chiavi incluse 2
Peso (kg)310
Numero di ripiani2 Ripiani mobili
Volume (litri)180
Capacita´- Raccoglitori14
Capacita' - Raccoglitori sospesi3 rows of 28 cm (1 row per shelf, 3 shelves)
Altezza - Esteriore (mm)1000
Larghezza - Esteriore (mm)600
Profondita´ - Esteriore (mm)500
Profondità esterna - maniglia/serratura incl. (mm)542
Altezza - Interiore (mm)935
Larghezza - Interiore (mm)528
Profondita´ - Interiore (mm)365
Custom size (mm)MIN - MAX: H 360 - 2000 / W 490 - 1000 / D 335 - 700
Apertura porta - Altezza (mm)896
Apertura porta - Profondita´ (mm)490
Angolo di apertura della porta180 Gradi - Cerniere Esterne
Width - Door Open 180 Degrees1129
Profondita´- Porta aperta a 90°1060
Lato cerniereLato destro
Struttura della portaParete multipla in acciaio (135mm)
Catenacci portaCatenacci su 4 facciate
Struttura del corpoParete multipla
AncoraggioAl suolo
Tasselli Inclusi1
Safes in the Libra series are insurance approved valuables safes in Grade 1. Typically, they are used in private homes, offices and retail shops to prevent theft. The walls are constructed with high resistance against all known methods of burglar attempts, including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting. The doors are secured with powerful three-way bolts and engages security by hinges. Libra safes have an reinforced armor around the lock for extra protection against attacks. Libra safes are high quality valuables safes manufactured in Germany. Libra can be bolted the floor using and can be bolted to the floor using the included mounting kit. The shelves in the Libra safe are removable and can be adjusted in height. The number of included shelves for each size are shown in the table. If needed, you can order extra shelves. This safe series comes in standard grey, but can also be ordered in light grey without extra charge.
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