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Panther HotelSafe - 25 Liter - Code Lock

Money and valuables storage closet for hotels

Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, Panther money and valuables cabinet is the right choice for any situation characterized by a regular stream of different guests for short periods, as nursing homes, retirement facilities or hospitals.

This strongbox mounts an electronic lock equipped with a "one time user code" feature.

It means that the user code can be used only once for every session, so that at every opening of the door, a new code must be typed.

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Maggiori informazioni
Nome ProdottoPanther HotelSafe - 25 Liter - Code Lock
ModelloPanther Værdiskab Lpt
ColoreGrigio Chiaro (RAL 7035)
Tempo di Consegna1-2 settimane
Tipo di cassaforte Cassaforte a mobile
Raccomandata per Computer, Documenti, Oggetti di valore
Peso (kg)15
Certificazione antiscassoNessuna certificazione
Resistenza al fuocoNon Coibentato
SerraturaSerratura elettronica
Volume (litri)24
Altezza - Esteriore (mm)229
Larghezza - Esteriore (mm)432
Profondita´ - Esteriore (mm)365
Profondità esterna - maniglia/serratura incl. (mm)
Altezza - Interiore (mm)200 
Larghezza - Interiore (mm)427 
Profondita´ - Interiore (mm)286 
Angolo di apertura della porta90 Gradi - Cerniere Interne
Catenacci portaCatenaccio su una facciata
Lato cerniereLato destro
AncoraggioAl suolo, A parete

Panther Laptop Hotel Safe - 25 L

Compact in size and weight but yet preserving its high security features, the Panther Laptop Safe finds its ideal environment in a hotel room.

Key Facts

Its width allows an easy storage of up to 15 inches laptops,  inseparable voyage companion for anyone who travels for business purposes.

This hotel safe is ready to be bolted to the floor or wall and the anchoring hardware is included.

Lock Options

The electronic lock holds two programmable options (host and guest) and is easy to reprogram.

In addition to the keypad, it comes with a hidden emergency lock, which provides a trouble-free access in the event of loss of both codes.

This strongbox mounts an electronic lock equipped with a "one time user code" feature.

It means that the user code, 3 to 6 digits, can be used only once for every session, so that at every opening of the door, a new code must be typed.

At the end of his stay, the host will simply leave the door open, allowing the next user to set his personal code.

In case of loss of the code, no need to worry: The safe will be always accepting the manager code, originally set by the hotel manager.

Every new guest can effortlessly dispose of the cabinet, setting a personal code, hence saving precious time of the hotel staff.

There is a 6-digit LED status display on the front door, which makes programming even simpler.

Furthermore, through the same display, is possible to access to a log of the last 100 locking processes, a useful tool to keep track of the last user who opened the safe, for example.

Configuration Options

The front panel is one side locked by two thick horizontal bolts.

Colour: RAL 7035 Light grey.

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Order & Delivery: All you need to know

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Safe locks: All you need to know

Find below the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding security, battery and other concerns of Safe Locks.

Install a safe: How can I bolt the safe myself?

Be aware that there are no wiring or piping in the location you want to install the safe.  

Follow these steps to bolt your safe:

You can easily bolt your safe following 8 simple steps.

1. Place the safe onto its final position.
   2. Mark the spot on the floor or the wall where the bolting holes are located.
   3. Move the safe aside.
   4. Make sure you use the right drill for the material and an appropriately sized drill bit.
   5. Drill holes into the designated marks.
   6. Reposition the safe over the mounting hole.
   7. Insert the bolt through the inside of the safe into the hole.
   8. Tighten up the nut of the bolt.



Hotel safe: I am considering buying a hotel safe. What anti-burglary certification do hotel safes come with?

Hotel safes generally do not come with certifications as the use they will be put through, most often will not require this added certification. However, the protection they offer is always welcomed by guests. Hotel safes are more than adequate for the great majority of guests. Users can safely store valuables in the safe in their rooms and forget about this risk of burglary when left unattended. In the case of higher profile clients requiring improved protection, we invite you to check out the other safes with added features that are part of our selection.

Hotel safe: Is it possible for the hotel to access information on when the safe was opened or closed?

Most hotel safes come with an audit feature that enables the hotel to view a log of the last 100 locking processes. This log is accessible only to hotel managers or administrators through the used of a master code or master key. in order to prevent unathorized use.

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