Gun Safe KWT Cervo (20 Handguns) - Grade 1 - Code Lock

KWT Cervo is a Burglary Tested weapon safe series for the storage of handguns.

These safes are certified in Grade I against burglary attempts by VdS (Germany).

They include a handgun holder made from foam to prevent scratches from your guns, which can be adapted to a smaller number of arms if needed.

The door is secured with heavy bolts (Ø25mm), and hinges allow a 180º door opening.

Available with key lock or code lock.

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  • Il grado I impedisce l'accesso con effrazione per 30 minuti.

Maggiori informazioni
Nome ProdottoGun Safe KWT Cervo (20 Handguns) - Grade 1 - Code Lock
SerieKWT Cervo - Cassaforte di grado I Antieffrazione sicuro per lo stoccaggio di pistole. Supporto per pistola realizzato in spugna per evitare graffi sulle pistole, esso puo essere adattato secondo il numero di pistole. Disponibile Serratura a chiave o codic
ColoreRAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Opzionale)
Tempo di Consegna3 settimane
Raccomandata per Armi, Oggetti di valore
Peso (kg)185
Certificazione antiscassoGrado I
Normativa di certificazioneEN 1143-1
Centro di certificazione VdS Germania
Cash RatingGRADO I
Resistenza al fuocoNon Coibentato
SerraturaSerratura elettronica
Tipo di serratura M-Locks EM2020 / BR5010 (Format 21)
Battery & emergency opening9 V, Batteries can be replaced from the outside
Numero di ripiani3 Ripiani mobili
Volume (litri)86
Capacita´ - Armi20 Pistole
Altezza - Esteriore (mm)800
Larghezza - Esteriore (mm)490
Profondita´ - Esteriore (mm)430
Altezza - Interiore (mm)735 
Larghezza - Interiore (mm)418 
Profondita´ - Interiore (mm)295 
Angolo di apertura della porta180 Gradi - Cerniere Interne
Catenacci portaCatenacci su tre facciate (Ø 25 mm)
Lato cerniereLato destro
AncoraggioAl suolo, A parete
Tasselli Inclusi1

Gun Safe KWT Cervo (20 Handguns) - Burglary Tested in Grade I - Code Lock

KWT Cervo are Insurance approved Handgun safes certified in Grade 1. Ideal to keep your valuable pistols safe and dispose them in a secure and comfortable way.

Certified Against Burglary in Grade I by VdS

This gun safe series has been certified in Germany by VdS against burglary attempts in Grade I, following the European Norm EN 1143-1. That means that the walls are constructed to resist against known methods of break-in including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting attachments.

Key Facts

The door is secured with a strong three-way moving boltwork with horizontal and vertical Ø25mm bolts. Besides, it has a 180º door opening angle, making the disposal and removal of your guns and accessories easier.

Cervo weapons safes are also provided with drill resistant steel plates that protect the lock and boltwork against drilling attacks.

The series is designed from a soft material of foam to protect your weapons from scratches. 

Lock Options

You can order your weapon safe with a double bit Key Lock (120 mm) or a user-friendly electronic lock. Both types of locks are approved following European Standards.

Configuration Options

This series can be bolted to the floor or wall using the included installation kit. However, for the storage of Handguns it is a legal requirement that the safe is bolted.

The foam protection can be adapted according to your needs in case you do not need to store 10 weapons, or want to place your ammunition instead. It includes adjustable shelves too, for a better adjustment to your preferences.

This safe comes in Graphite Grey (RAL 7024), but can also be ordered in Light Grey (RAL 7035) without an extra charge.

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